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Based on packaging design which is our specialty, we have created following three types of unique desk-top 2011 Calendars being fabricated 3-dimensionally from paper sheet and are friendly to environment. Each has a different characteristic with enjoyable style and we can say that these are really special among many desk-top calendars in the market. Please select a choice of yours from these three.
キューブカレンダー キューブカレンダーロゴ

Cube Calendar is consisting of four cubes connected by unique method of fabrication enable to show necessary month calendar face by changing cube arrangements. Colored sleeve band enclosed together may use for purpose to keep the arrangement.

calendar co2-365 CO2365カレンダーロゴ

In other words,” Rising Sea level Calendar“ This is daily type calendar to remind people the co-operation in the world wide Global Carbon Project under Kyoto Protocol for reduction of carbon emission.The illustration in each date card shows sea level rising due to global warming together with digit number which indicates count down starting from 365 as of Jan. 1st and to zero as the year end. Back side of the cards may be used for diary. This is a really unique calendar having a special tasting unable to gain from general digit only calendars.

キューブカレンダー キャンディカレンダーロゴ

Consisting with three boxes, each has print of 4 monthly calendars to make the calendar for a year by changing arrangement. Any decorative print & Ads preferable can be applied and possible to use as box for the sweet such as twist wrapped candy, chocolate bonbon etc.


Can apply any illustrations, pictures or graphic arts !.
These calendars may be used for sales promotion item with suitable printing design and we will glad to accept an order of a minimum lot of 3000 pieces.
Delivery of CUBE CALENDAR and CANDY CALENDAR will be made in folded flat in a standard size envelope as shown below ( showing opened condition).
Delivery of CO2 365 CALENDAR will be in condition of a fabricated package containing 365 sheets of date cards inside- the package itself can convert to Calendar stand. Protective outer box can be provided for an individual unit in case of need.
calendar co2365